Is you home or business protected in the event of a power outage? You can be with a GENERAC  stand-by generator from COUGAR ELECTRIC LLC.

These units powered by LP or Natural Gas are available in sizes from 7 Kw to 150Kw.

How soon can your utility company restore power in the event of an outage? With a GENERAC stand-by generator your power will be back on in 60 seconds or less! Snow storms, ice storms, severe weather events, and utility company equipment failures can all cause lengthy power interruptions. Be ready with a standby generator installation from COUGAR ELECTRIC LLC.

Installation Photos:


                                         Before                                                                                       After

This 20Kw GENERAC generator in Swartz Creek, MI. was placed on a concrete pad and the customers existing landscaping was enhanced to include their new generator. Placing the generator on a concrete pad reduces noise & vibration, gets the generator higher off of the ground away from snow, ice, and standing ground water. The cobblestone keeps the generator much cleaner, provides proper drainage, and prevents grass clippings and lawn debris from being drawn into the generator during operation.

The beautiful landscaping on this project was completed by Brian Huyck and the crew at H & M Landscaping located in Swartz Creek, MI. You can contact Brian at 810-238-2111 or via e-mail at and view their beautiful landscaping work at


All wiring connections are copper wire in galvanized steel conduit. Natural Gas is provided to the generator by a single         Hi-Performance fuel line fed from an upsized Natural Gas meter . The 100amp Service Entrance rated transfer switch is mounted in the basement and connected to the existing 100amp service panel which was re-wired as a sub-panel. A new GFCI double duplex outlet was provided at the panel and a new 30amp - 240volt 4 wire connection was provided for the clothes dryer.

Another 20Kw GENERAC generator project for a customer in Swartz Creek, MI. This installation features a "Whole House" connection to their Square-D QO service panel. Natural Gas is fed underground by an Hi-Performance fuel line from an upsized Natural Gas meter at the house to the generator. Electrical is fed underground in 2 galvanized rigid steel conduits from the generator to the transfer switch located in the basement. The generator was placed on a poured concrete pad and the customers existing landscaping was modified and enhanced by Brian and the crew at                                        H & M Landscaping to include their new generator.


                                       Before                                                                                        After



                    Underground Gas & Electric                                     Underground Gas Service



     200amp Transfer Switch & Sub-Panel Installation

The 200amp electrical service from the utility meter base was fed to the transfer switch and Sub-Panel #1 in rigid steel conduit with 2/0 THWN copper wire. Electrical is fed underground from the generator to the transfer switch in 2 rigid steel conduits using  # 3 THWN copper conductors for the generator power feed and #14 THWN copper conductors for the control circuits. A four wire 240vac connection was provided for the customers electric oven. A double duplex GFCI protected outlet is provided at the base of sub-panel #1.

Arc-Flash and NEC 702.7(B) warning labels were provided as required at the Transfer Switch & Sub-Panel # 1.


                                              Original                                                                                          New Piping System

This was a repair of a fuel system (LP) on a 17Kw GENERAC for a customer in Gaines, MI. The original installer used   fuel supply piping that was too small resulting in inadequate fuel pressure and flow. The new piping system features a Hi-Performance black iron piping system with a "Full Flow" shut-off valve provided. Fuel pressure is now within factory specs (12" W.C. static, with a pressure drop of no more that 1" W.C. running) as shown in the photos below.

Following the installation of a new 1 million BTU primary regulator by the LP supplier, the generator experiences quick starts with steady voltage and frequency as the generator load changes. The customer now has the availability of the full 17Kw generator capacity that he paid for!


                                 Static LPV Fuel Pressure                                                                        Running LPV Fuel Pressure

State of Michigan codes REQUIRE generator installations to have an Electrical Permit & Inspection and a Gas Piping Permit & Inspection including a pressure test of the fuel line, prior to being placed into operation.

GENERAC policy requires the following:

“Proper installation is extremely important. GENERAC  product MUST be installed in accordance with ALL Federal, State or Local codes and manufacturer's recommendations.


        Electrical & Mechanical (Gas Piping) Permits, Inspections, and 

            Final Approvals are REQUIRED!


Some generator installations depending upon the fuel type, location, and type of occupancy may require additional permits, approvals, and inspections from the following agencies:

A) Michigan DEQ ( Dept. of Environmental Quality)

B) State Fire Marshal


To insure reliable operations during cold Michigan winters a GENERAC Cold Weather Kit MUST be installed. This kit provides an oil heater, battery warmer, 5W-30 full synthetic oil, and a heavy duty oil filter. Failure to install this kit may impact your GENERAC factory warranty!


              ENGINE DAMAGE

This photo shows the results of trying to run a generator in -5 deg F temperatures without a Cold Weather Kit installed. This generator ran less than 1 minute before the connecting rod went through the side of the engine block. You can see from the photo that NO lubrication is present. This damage is NOT covered by the factory warranty as the unit was operating in extreme weather conditions without the Cold Weather Kit installed.

For information on the required gas service to power a GENERAC standby generator system please check our gas service page by clicking on the gas meter.

Failure to install a gas supply (N.G. meter or LPV tank) sufficient to provide adequate fuel flow and pressure to the generator and ALL other connected gas appliances in an "install" issue. Damages caused to the engine by lack of adequate fuel supply such as "Lean Burn" are NOT covered by the GENERAC  factory warranty!

To keep your GENERAC generator in top shape and insure maximum reliability a yearly professional maintenance & service visit by a factory authorized "Service Dealer" is required. Nearly 100% of our calls for generator service during a power outage involve units that are operated in the "Run to Failure" mode. This is a critical reliability issue as well as creating the potential for expensive equipment failures and costly consequential damages.  Failure to properly maintain your generator can also impact your GENERAC  factory warranty.

All maintenance and service on should be performed by a factory authorized "Service Dealer". All of our generator technicians are factory trained and authorized to service units from 7Kw to 150Kw including  H-Panel controls and the new diesel "Protector" series generators. We use only genuine GENERAC replacement and service parts. 

Worry no more, call us today for a professional GENERAC service visit to keep your generator in top shape and ready to GO!  (810)-691-2684

You can also contact us directly via BlackBerry for all of your GENERAC  generator service requests, to schedule an appointment, or request a job quote.

Call us today for a customized GENERAC quote suited to your specific application!


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